Power School Interface

Interface with Power School with an ODBC connection. Insert Power School tables into FileMaker Pro for live access to data. Create custom report cards, custom reporting, student fees tacking, warehouse data and any custom form or report that you would request.

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What is ODBC

Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) is an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows a programmer to abstract a program from a database. When writing code to interact with a database, you usually have to add code that talks to a particular database using a proprietary language. If you want your program to talk to an Access, Fox and Oracle databases you have to code your program with three different database languages. This can be quite the daunting task. Now, enter ODBC. When programming to interact with ODBC you only need to talk the ODBC language (a combination of ODBC API function calls and the SQL language). The ODBC Manager will figure out how to contend with the type of database you are targeting. Regardless of the database type you are using, all of your calls will be to the ODBC API. All that you need to do is have installed an ODBC driver that is specific to the type of database you will be using.

CRT also offers custom database creation and support for FileMaker Pro.

CRT offers on site consultation and remote support at reasonable rates. For an introductory meeting at your school district to discuss our services please email Hal Shroats at hshroats@yahoo.com or call (708) 288-2195.