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IEP Program
CRT's IEP software is a comprehensive and flexible Internet-based solution for development and management of IEP information and other supplemental forms, letters, and reports.  CRT representatives meet with your team to customize forms and software to develop a product that willreduce the time-consuming task of writing IEPs.

With this software, developing and managing IEPs is easy! The goal bank helps facilitate selection of clearly written, measurable, and content specific annual goals and short-term objectives. Security features are customized to limit access to users. The powerful management reporting features will improve compliance and accountability.  It will also improve childcount information.  Reports can be customized to meet your needs.

CRT provides training, a user manual, and technical expertise.  Ongoing technical support is available during normal business hours. The program allows custom printing from the web. Just check the pages you want to print, click the print button and a PDF file with all of your pages will appear in a couple of minutes. Pages can also be emailed with a password needed to view. Software allows charts to be printed from data to analyze goal progress visually.

One challenge in special education has been the creation of an efficient system to document decisions of student support teams, to manage data resulting from these decisions, and to communicate information to colleagues. As the scope and complexity of this process grew, inadequacy of pressure sensitive forms became increasingly apparent. In response to this situation our IEP and Data Management Software Program has been created. The purpose of this program is to apply the technology of a relational database toward data management and effective communication of Special Education information.

Customized Relational Tek, Inc. (CRT) is the developer of this program. It has been created with consultation from information technology coordinators with review from Special Education staff. The broad range of individuals contributing to this project has produced a high quality program.

Users will be able to generate a variety of special reports and print Eligibility Determination and Individual Education Program documents. This relational database provides student demographic information, placement data, related services records, compiling of FACTS Data, all Notification and Consent forms (State Mandated Reports), IEP/Eligibility Data, and administration approved Case Study Evaluation Forms.

When fully implemented, IEP Data Management Software Programs will give users capacity to meet their documentation, data management, and communication needs with efficiency, accuracy, and ease. A learning curve and related procedure of refinement should be anticipated. To that extent, it is extremely important data is entered with a high degree of consistency. The era of pressure sensitive forms is coming to an end; KIDS IEP Data Management Software Program will prove to be an invaluable tool to overcome this manual approach.

The training manual has been designed to facilitate success with the program. With enhancements of FileMaker Pro® 11.0 and the determination of Customized Relational Tek Staff, there is very little difference between access and usage of this program using Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or through FileMaker Pro Client Software©. Small differences are noted throughout the training manual.