Teacher Observation Tool

Log onto an IPAD Teacher Observation Tool, find your teacher and click on a New observation and start entering your observation. Click Planning Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instruction or Professional Responsibilites and find a list of entries that can be pasted into your observation. Add your own personal comments and click on the signature and enter a signature. Click on a picture location and take a picture that will be entered into your document. When you are finished you can click to email the observation to the teacher or save as a pdf and email the observation with pictures. Observation Tool will be updated periodically as new information and forms are released from the state. The Teacher Observation Tool sells for as low as $800.00 for small school districts for a district license.

Latest from State of Illinois is Student Learning Objective (SLO)

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To try the IPAD Teacher Observation Tool Demo, load FileMaker Go on your IPAD from the app store.
After it is loaded click the link below. A link will come up asking you to Open in... Click that button
and click FileMaker Go. To Login click Login as Guest.

iPAD Demo Link

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