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Account Utility

The Account Utility button takes you to the Password screen. On the right side of the screen is a list of all account that have been created. On the right side I can see hs Admin. The account name is hs and the type of account is Admin. This means that hs can access all records and enter the utility screen. You also can see pj. The type of account is School 1 which means that pj only has access to School 1 and can not access the utility screen. The account pj can view all of School 1's observation. The account pj can only create pj records and only edit pj records.Account pj can only delete pj observation records.

To create an account and the evaluators initials in the Account Name and the evaluator initials in the Password boxes near the top of the screen. Click the Create button below. Click the Create Admin Account to create this person as an admin. Click Create "School Name" (where school name is the name of the school the principal is evaluating at) to create a school account.

To delete an account enter the account name of the account to be deleted and click the Delete Account button. You do not have to enter the password.

To Reset Password enter the Account Name to be reset in the Account Name field and enter the initials into the Password field. Click Reset Password button and the account password will be reset to the Account Name which should be the initials of the evaluator.

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