On the top left is a Principals button. Click this and you will be returned to the Principals menu. To the right is the Delete button for deleting this evaluation. The Quit button returns you to the Main Menu. The PDF button works just like it does on other forms. You can email, view, save and print from this button. The Prev and Next buttons navigate to other evaluations that have been written for the current Principal. The buttons to the right that say Page 1, Page 2 and so forth are navigation buttons to go to different domains.
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The six different domains for a Principal are:

I. LIVING A MISSION, VISION, AND BELIEFS FOR RESULTS—The Principal works with the staff and community to build a shared mission, and vision of high expectations that ensures all students are on the path to college and career readiness, and holds staff accountable for results.

II. LEADING AND MANAGING SYSTEMS CHANGE—The principal creates and implements systems to ensure a safe, orderly, and productive environment for student and adult learning toward the achievement of school and district improvement priorities.

III. IMPROVING TEACHING AND LEARNING—The principal works with the school staff and community to develop a research-based framework for effective teaching and learning that is refined continuously to improve instruction for all students.

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