Other Forms

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The other forms operate the same as the first four forms. Select a form and click the button. You will be navigated to the menu for that form where you can create a new record and then go to the input screen for that form. All of the form menu pages work the same. Click on your initials and you will go to the input screen for that form. The Teacher button and all the rest on the input screen work the same as the top four forms.

There is also a button to "Go to ISBE PEAC" web site. On this site written by the state of Illinois you can view any updates that the state has made for Teacher Observation. There is also a button to change your password. If you click that button you will be asked to enter your old password and your new password. You will then be prompted to re-enter your new password. Your account name cannot be changed. Your account name is your initials. By having your initials then other evaluators can see who has written this evaluation. If you are a Principal you will only see your school. Other Assistant Principals at your building can view your observations but cannot delete or modify your observations. District Administrators can view all observations in the district.

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