Also on the Observation Form Page are additional buttons:
Planning Preparation
Classroom Environment
Professional Responsibilities

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If you click the Help button you will go to a help screen on this page. To come back just click the page to come back to the original page.

The next four buttons are the Domains. If you click on one of these buttons you will go to the rubricpage and all of Domain 1 or Domain 2 or Domain 3 or Domain 4 will be displayed.

To the far right is a seating button, This is a page for counting whatever you want to count. You can enter data to be counted in the line below the box. If you touch the box it will enter a 1. Each time you touch the box the count will go up by 1. This is a tool for keeping track of things you wish to count. Click on the back button to return to the previous input screen.

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