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When you click this button you will navigate to the Observation Form input screen.
On the top left is a button titled Teachers. If you click this button it will take you back to the previous screen which is the Observation Form Menu.

The next button to the right is the Delete Button. When this button is clicked it will delete the entire Observation form.

The next button is the Red Quit Button. This button will navigate you back to the Main Menu.

The next Button is the Prev button. Just below the Prev button is the next button. When more than one Observation Form has been created these buttons will navigate between the Observation Forms that have been created.

The next button to the right is the PDF button. This will create a PDF of the document for viewing or emailing. The button just below the PDF button is the New Entry Button. When this is clicked it will create a new record in the evidence box.

A keyboard shortcut to create a new record is when you are in an evidence field click the right bracket key then the delete key and this will create a new entry. To turn this off touch the white box just below the New Entry button.
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