Button 1 All of the form menus work the same. On the right side of the screen is a menu list. To go back to the Main Menu click the Menu button (button 1).

Button 2 will create a new Observation Form click the New Record button (button 2). When this is clicked it will create a new, in the lined area below, date and time. The Date is the date the record was created and Time is the time that the record was created. To got to the new Observation Record click the button with your initials on it. This will be your account name for your records. If you click Pictures it will take you to a page where you can take and view pictures. You can also take and view pictures on the bottom of the Observation Form.

Button 3 is the Staff button. Click to Staff button to find a staff member. They will be in alpha order. To the right of their name is a list of forms with numbers below the form names. This tells you how many of that type of observation have bee created. to Select a staff member click on their name and you will navigate back to the form that you where on last.

Button 4 is to create a new staff member. Click that button and you will be asked if you want to create a new teacher. Click Create New Record button and will will navigate back to the previous you were on. The teacher name, school and email will be empty. Please fill out this data in the new record.

Button 5 will navigate you to the Help screen for the current page you are on. To go back just touch the screen.

Button 6 is a support button. If you click this it will create an email to CRT. Button 7 is a Quit button. It will navigate you back to the Main Menu.

To navigate to a specific form click on a button. ( To go to the Observation
Form click that button)

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